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Obituary Link

If you would like to read the obituary and/or leave condolences, please visit and look for Donald Lothrop Coldwell, Sr.

This obituary will be published in the Portland Press and Bangor Daily on Wednesday, April 10.

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Funeral Information

This weekend we will remember my father.

Visiting hours have been scheduled for this Friday night April 12 from 4-7 pm at A.T. Hutchins funeral home on Brighton Ave in Portland.

The funeral will be Saturday April 13 at 2pm at Hollis Center Baptist Church on rte 202 in Hollis, ME.

There will be some time after the funeral for refreshments and final visiting time.

There will be a private service at a later date up in Augusta, ME as we honor his service to his country.

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Ultimate Healing

Last night, my father finally won.

On September 16, 2009 my father was diagnosed with cancer. For three years Dad’s body, in cooperation with today’s best medicine, waged war against the disease that was trying to kill him. During this process, his liver was found to be diseased as well, and my father had two adversaries living inside him.

Two weeks ago he started to lose.

Our family enjoyed some wonderful times together these past two weeks. Easter 2013 will be a highlight of our lives as we remember a grandfather watching over his family as they looked for that last Easter egg! He had some conversations and visits from people in his life that were perfectly timed.

Saturday night as the diseases were getting ready for their last siege, Dad won.

Jesus took my father into His arms and gave him ultimate healing. My father is more alive today than he has ever been. My father won when Jesus defeated sin and death 2000 years ago on the first Easter.

Jesus always wins.


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Dad has been moved to the Gosnell House in Scarborough. When the hospice nurse came today it was decided very quickly that he should be moved here for 24 hour care.

Dad is showing most all the signs of the end stages of life and we are trying to enjoy the moments that we have. If you would like to come visit, they accept visitors 24/7 here. I am spending the night here with my Dad as we “suggested” that mom go home and get a good night’s sleep.

If you would like to come visit, come sooner rather than later.

Dad is at peace with everything and so are we. Please pray for everything.

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Prayer List

Chatting with Dad is creating a list of prayer requests. Please join me in praying for the following items:

  1. Mom is not getting much sleep/rest. Pray that she would be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night. She is acting as a 24/7 nurse for the daily things.
  2. Pray that Dad would be able to rest through the day to be able to be alert when he has visitors. The steroids seem to be helping in this area.
  3. Pray that Dad’s appetite would come back as the steroids start to kick in.
  4. Pray that he is able to get his affairs in order to his liking.
  5. Pray that Mom is able to take the opportunities she needs to get out and get things done. This includes having people stay with Dad to allow this. This includes nurses, volunteers, and family.
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It Isn’t Supposed To Be This Way

In the beginning Adam & Eve enjoyed perfect communion with each other and with God. The idea of cancer, death, sickness, or mourning was not found anywhere. Sin entered into the picture fracturing all of creation, and we live with these consequences daily. It isn’t supposed to be this way.

But yet, it is.

Dad is at peace.



Even though sin crushed our world, causing pain and suffering, yesterday we celebrated the defeat of that death. Romans 6:9 states that death HAS NO DOMINION over Jesus. Titus 3:7 explains that we became heirs along with Christ BY GRACE. Dad and Christ are heirs. Dad was adopted to become a child of God and lives looking forward to his next level of inheritance – ultimate healing. Do I pray that God miraculously heals my Dad tonight? – YES. Do I also believe that God, not wanting to see his creation destroyed, sent his Son Jesus to live a perfect life and be killed for it? – YES. Do I also believe that God raised Jesus from the grave, miraculously defeating death and allowing my Dad to get a taste of that? – YES. When my Dad dies, no matter when that is, it will be miraculous when he stands face to face with his one and only savior. Either way it’s a miracle.

People have been making music since the beginning of time yet it was not until recently that this song was written and released to the public. The song is Worn by Tenth Avenue North and it has a few lines that are speaking to me these days.

I know I need to lift my eyes up, but I’m too weak, life just won’t let up. And I know that You can give me rest, so I cry out with all that I have left.

Dad meets with the hospice nurse tomorrow afternoon and we pray that they will be able to come up with a plan of action that helps him. Please take this opportunity to leave a note here. If you have been wanting to send a note of encouragement and prayer but have been waiting, wait no longer.


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Sucker Punch

Dad had his follow up appointment this morning and it was completely not what anyone was expecting.

There was some testing done on the fluid taken last week from Dad’s midsection and it came back with cancer cells in it. This means that instead of living on Dad’s blood supply , the cancer is feeding on other fluids. The term specifically for this type of cancer is adenocarcinoma which does not respond to the types of chemo that my father is/was on. His chemo has typically been delivered through the blood stream which now would not be delivered to the tumors, as they are feeding elsewhere.

There are other types of chemo medications, but they are not safe for his liver. Dr. Dugan spoke to Dr. Howell, and it is clear that a stent would not help this situation so it is not worth messing with the liver at this point. His biliruben is at an 8 so the liver is clearly not happy at all, and it causing it’s own set of problems.

The latest scan shows growth in the tumors, which is a change from the shrinking we were seeing previously.

Basically this has, in the words of Dr. Dugan, gone from 1st gear to 5th gear in 2 weeks. There is no active treatment available on the table due to the many complications of every drug. He has stopped the xeloda (his most current chemo drug) with no plan to start back up.

Tomorrow Dad, Mom, Deanne, and I will be meeting with hospice nurses at 4:30 to discuss our options. Even in all this, we remember the prognosis that was given to us 3.5 years ago. God is in control of each and every cell in Dad’s body and he is invincible until God’s work is done.

Please pray for the following:

  • Comfort for Dad as he is still dealing with 24-7 hiccups. A prescription has been given which makes him quite sleepy but the hiccups still cause pretty serious discomfort and annoyance.
  • Wisdom as we meet with the hospice nurse(s) tomorrow.
  • A fire and a passion for telling everyone about Jesus through this.
  • Healing.
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Dad’s procedure went well this morning. They took a mere 9 liters of fluid out and Dad feels much better. So much better that he and mom went out to grab something to eat at Weathervane.

So, next time you are in the soda isle take a look at the wall of 2-liter bottles. They took out 4.5 of them.

He has another appointment on Tuesday to review and figure out whether there will be another plan. But for now, he’ll sit back and try to enjoy the weekend.

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Taking Another Ride

I was wrong. It was 2010 when he last had the fluid buildup in his midsection per previous posts. Dad had an appointment today with Dr. Dugan in regards to all of his issues and the bottom line is, his body is not working properly. MAN, I should have gone to med school! The doctor described the situation as the cirrhosis “competing” against the cancer. It is almost as if they are so busy with themselves, they aren’t bothering to do anything to Dad.

First thing is first – they are scheduling paracentesis to remove the fluid. It’s a fancy word for a “honkin” needle, as my sister Deanne puts it, being jabbed into my father. As Dr. Dugan so eloquently put it, they stick it in and let gravity do the work. Last time this was done it was quite uncomfortable so prayer is appreciated that it will not be as bad as last time. Dr. Dugan actually thinks it might be a bit better as the fluid seems to be in “one big pool” and there should not be as much “rooting” around. I feel as though I am using “a lot” of “quotation” marks.

My father is currently glowing a nice shade of orange as this is obviously due to the liver function. Although it is n’t as bad as it could be, it still is doing great. Dr. Dugan will be speaking with Dr. Howell ( not Thurston, I already asked. BUMMER ) and they will be discussing whether to scope out the duct in the liver to check for any blockage. The scan yesterday showed some shadows and he is not sure if there is something there or not. Possibly a cancer growth, possibly another type of blockage, possibly just a shadow.

Although there is nothing he can do to prevent this from happening again, he has been instructed that a low sodium diet would certainly not hurt his cause. We will be working to find options for food. He has never been one to add any salt to his meals but the hidden sodium in foods can sneak up on you.

He has an appointment next week and we will have the opportunity to check and see how things are going. The releasing of fluids will help with the discomfort which will be great since he has officially been told that he can not take ANY over the counter pain medication. He’s stuck with narcotics. At this point he has also been taken of  xeloda. This is the chemo mediation that he has been on for just over a year. Dr. Dugan wants to let the dust settle before Dad starts that back up again.

At this point it is a game of inches as Dr. Dugan says. Everything we see, we need to take a look at and watch. Prayer is appreciated for the following.

:: Prayer for physical comfort both now and during the procedure to remove the fluid.

:: Prayer that this procedure would do exactly what they want it to. Remove the fluid and relieve the pain.

:: Payer that my mother would be up to driving Dad all over the place while he is hopped up on the happy pills.

:: Pray that people would see Jesus in all of this.

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Pump The Brakes

That’s the hip new way of saying, “Let’s take it easy and not get ahead of ourselves.” For the past week or so Dad has been feeling quite a bit of discomfort and has been fatigued as well. On Sunday MY father did not go to church. I’ll give you a minute or two to catch your breath…

He was able to get a doctor’s appointment on Monday March 18th to be looked over and the doctor agreed that something was up. His midsection is very enlarged as his body is storing a lot of fluid. He is extremely uncomfortable and has started taking some medication for the pain. Again, I’ll give you a minute or two…

This morning he had a scan to take a look inside and a follow-up appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 9am to go over the findings. The assumption is that a procedure will be scheduled to remove the fluid as it was back in 2011. This was a painful but fruitful procedure. We will know more information tomorrow but want to get the information out today for prayer.

Please pray for the following:

–Physical comfort for Dad both now and during the procedure.

–Wisdom in reading the scan that the Dr. would see everything needed.

–That Mom would be able to do what is necessary to help.

I will update tomorrow when we have more information.





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